How To Negotiate A Salary

Asking for a payrise

How To Negotiate in a Salary

Negotiating a salary is something women particularly find awkward, this session will help to make it easier. It will consist of a short presentation and a long Q&A session afterwards. You can submit your questions in advance via [masked], so we could compile a FAQ section, or feel free to ask questions during the call

.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sarah Carter (, "Salary negotiation AMA"---------------------------------=== Bio ===Sarah is a technical talent professional who focuses on helping companies articulate and enact their own personalized approach to inclusive practice, both via in-house roles and on a consultant basis through her new company, Talent Witch. She is a recognized inclusion expert in the UK working to embed a leading-edge approach to equality in everyday recruitment and hiring practices. Currently working with Snook on building their team, she has also worked for Barnardo's, the Department for International Trade and Comic Relief.---------------------------------Briana Carter (

"Asking for more responsibility - Leveling and Managing Up"---------------------------------=== Bio ===Briana has been in the tech industry for over 5 years. She has experience working with developers and building communities. Her skills extend to sales, business development, and project management. As a public speaker and philanthropist Briana is devoted to bettering communities and ensuring women across the world have access to the tools needed to achieve their dreams.=== Abstract ===This presentation would discuss how women could take on responsibilities that align with their passions within their current job role. Enhancing their resume whilst still working in their current role -- building on strengths and skills that allow for people to either be promoted or apply for different roles. So providing examples as well as discussing various strategies to upskill oneself.

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